Mukwuru's music comes from a world of living. When this songwriter says, 'Listen to the song I sing,' he means  it.   Fusing jazz with many flavors . . . . This singer/songwriter crosses over many genres. It's music for the people.  

Born in Detroit, Michigan, for his 12th birthday, his mother bought him a guitar and he has been playing ever since.

For the Jazz purist - a concert of pure jazz. 
For the people who just like good music - mix it up. 
For the socially conscious and those who want to join the protest, 'Know What Matters'  and 'Can You Imagine' gives you something to think about. And there is more . . .  

Mukwuru was the victim of a crime which resulted in paralysis to his right hand. After having a tendon transplant to his right thumb he redeveloped a unique guitar style.

What you hear now is just a sampling of this singer/songwriter does.