When peace is not within, peace is without ”

— Mukwuru

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‘Can You Imagine?’ This song was given birth by the artist after carefully pondering on the global situations, a world in turmoil! Authoritative figures have chosen to be an enemy to peace, sowing mischief, no doubt motivated by greed and arrogance. As the world is going crazy with splinter wars breaking off from existing wars with global power grabbing while others remain distracted. Although far from this reality the artist simply sings a question, ‘Can You Imagine?’ (A life, a world, in a state of peace.)  

‘Know What Matters’ is a reminder to this American society that every human being has a God given right to be treated as such.  The powers that be continues to turn a blind eye to all that is wrong, which is why the artist sings, “Cause and effect, will cause an affect.”  

‘Just Before’ was written as an anthem to unexpected love for those that have given up all hope. A music man becomes so wrapped up in his music that he can neglect a lot of other areas in life. Never having found that great love that others pine for. This music man was simply determined only to be to be tied down to his music until . . .  

Thelonious Theory  gives homage to some of unorthodox jazz concepts that Thelnonious Monk created.  

Hourglass, plain and simple is a dedication to jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell. He is still going strong at 88, the sand in the hourglass continues to drop. What a blessing to be influenced by a jazz legend who was born in Detroit like the artist. Mukwuru had a talk with the dancer Chester Witherspoon about Kenny Burrell and the thought hit him, it never ends with Kenny.   

Having played in the Midwest, California and Florida, Mukwuru is versatile and his audience is in for a surprise. Over the coming years follow this man and his story, you will never experience a musical journey like this. Every song he plays is written and composed by him. 

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